The Dip Davis Cowl Pop Rivet STC gives you the authority to install the Dip Davis Pop Rivet wing kit on one specific Cessna 120, 140, or 170 wings. This is a one time use STC, is N number specific and is NOT transferable. 

The STC includes 1000 rivets, enough self-adhesive reinforcing tape to do both wings along with all the required FAA paperwork and installation instructions for the install.

Super Flight: The cost is US$240 for the Super Flight kit and is postpaid.

Poly Fiber: The cost is US$330 for the Poly Fiber kit and is postpaid.

We are working on a new form to fill out, until then, Please send us an email using this link:

Please include the following: Your Name and address, Phone number and email address,
The N number of the plane the Pop Rivet Kit will be installed on,
Shipping address if different than the registered address of the airplane,
What type of Fabric application you are using, Poly Fiber or Super Flight.
Be sure to include your contact information so we can get ahold of you for any questions.
After you contact us, we will let you know payment information.


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