The W. D. Davis CWR-1 rivet kit replaces the S-43 fabric retaining clips in the wing rib flange with a large bearing area head “Pop” rivet. The kit consists of 1000 rivets and enough self-adhesive reinforcing tape to do both wings on a Cessna 120/140 or 170.

The wing clips worked well for the first and probably second time the wings were covered, but over the years the holes may have gotten enlarged to the point that the clips no longer fit snugly and canwork their way right through the surface tapes in some cases. If you need to replace all of the clips you will be faced with an expense of over four dollars even with a 40% discount.

Our STC is available for use with either the Poly Fiber covering system or the Super Flight covering system. When ordering your covering materials, do NOT order the rib lacing tapes as these will be provided with the Pop Rivet Kit. 

Super Flight Covering System: We charge US$240, postpaid, for the entire kit for the Super Flight System, including all the required paperwork.

Poly Fiber Covering System: We charge $US330, postpaid, for the entire kit for the Poly Fiber System, including all the required paperwork.

Don’t be intimidated by the rivet removal preocedure in the installation instrutions. These rivets have aluminum mandrels and are easliy drilled out without driving the mandrel out first. The aluminum mandrel also eliminates the possibility of dissimilar metal corrosion which is present in steel mandrels. 

The cost is $240 for the Super Flight kit and is postpaid.
The cost is $330 for the Poly Fiber kit and is post paid.
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